Welcome to TAU.COM!

In order for us to consider (and acknowledge) any offer to purchase TAU.COM, such offer must accurately reflect the ESTIBOT appraised value.

Any offer must be made in writing on your letterhead (showing your physical address and landline phone number), and must be sent via postal mail to the registered owner at his address as published in the current WHOIS listing for TAU.COM. [Note: We don't check our postal mail all that often so please don't send us a letter via any method which requires a signature receipt since there's a better than 50/50 chance the Postal Service will send it back before we've had a chance to pick it up.]

In order for us to consider any written offer to purchase TAU.COM, such offer must also reflect: (1) a proposed transfer of the domain to an account at Network Solutions in the name of the buyer (or his agent), (2) that payment will be made in US dollar cash using escrow.com (unless other mutually agreeable arrangements are made), and (3) that no additional contract provisions may be required as a condition for the sale. Also, note that we have no interest in considering leasing, installment sales, swaps or other forms of creative financing or non-cash payment.