Welcome to TAU.COM!

TAU.COM is not currently being offered for sale. The reason is very simple: When we offered TAU.COM for sale at a fixed price, we received dozens of offers, but all were for a tiny fraction of both the fixed offer price and the appraised value of TAU.COM, even though we made it clear that the offer price was not negotiable. Apparently people who like to buy domain names aren't very good at reading. So we got fed up with people who can't read (and people who use robots to make absurdly low offers).

That said, if you are seriously interested in buying TAU.COM for a price which accurately reflects the ESTIBOT appraised value, you may send a written offer on your letterhead (showing your physical address and landline phone number) via traditional postal mail to the registered owner at his address as published in the current WHOIS listing for TAU.COM. Based upon our experience to date, we are pretty sure that if you can't take the time to send us a written offer, there's not really any chance that you will offer a price we would be interested in. [Note: We don't check our mail all that often so please don't send us a letter via any form of express or certified mail which requires a signature receipt since there's a better than 50/50 chance the Postal Service will send it back before we've had a chance to pick it up.]

If you attempt to contact us by email or telephone we will ignore you (since every past contact we have received by either telephone or email has wasted out time).

You can get a free copy of ESTIBOT's appraisal of TAU.COM by clicking this link here. That link will also provide you with the information regarding the sales prices for several recent sales of comparable three letter domain names. If you send us a credible cash offer that accurately reflects the ESTIBOT appraised value for TAU.COM (as well as the sales prices for other three letter domain names), we will provide you with a written response indicating whether or not your offer is acceptable.

If you decide to send us a written offer to purchase TAU.COM, it must be predicated on (1) a transfer of the domain to an account at Network Solutions in the name of the buyer (or his agent), (2) payment must be made via escrow.com (unless other mutually agreeable arrangements are made) and (3) there can be no contract provisions imposed upon the seller as a condition for the sale. And please note: We don't want to hear about leasing or installment sales or swaps or other forms of creative financing.